Garden Irrigation System in Kwethluk, AK


Watering the garden

This depends on several factors; if you live in area where it rains a lot you probably do need to water your garden unless you are starting your new plants in the spring or during the dry spell. When the weather is hot and dry, you need to use one of the watering systems available at the Garden Irrigation System Guys in Kwethluk, AK.


Frequency of watering the crops

Generally, farmers in Kwethluk, AK water their garden every three days in hot, dry weather and once a week when the temperature is cooler. In the fall of the year, after the plants have reached their full growth, the farmers normally cut back on the watering. It is good to understand that plants in your garden need to be moist and not soggy and therefore excessive watering should be avoided as it will interfere with soil aeration which leads to poor plant growth. At Garden Irrigation System Guys in Kwethluk, AK there are different types of garden watering systems that are suitable for different types of soils.


Hand watering

This type of garden watering is useful when one is starting small seeds in a seedbed or when the seedlings are being transplanted to the field. The seedbed to be watered is mulched to prevent the seeds from drying out and also to ease the pressure of the water. The only disadvantage of this watering system is that it needs labor and it is time intensive, it also leads to soil compaction.

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Furrow system

This garden watering systems involves digging a furrow around the plants you want to water. The plants are up on a little bit of a mound, the water from the furrow seeps through the soil to the roots of the plants. This system has several advantages which include; it is not that expensive and the plants are watered without shocking the plants with overhead watering. The system also has some disadvantages in that it is more labor intensive and wastes water, when an irrigation canal is used it may be full of weed seeds, it waters even weeds and therefore the weed population in the garden is high and the soil in the furrows get compacted and this results in less oxygen concentration and therefore the plant roots are deprived of oxygen.

Benefits of irrigation

Using irrigation in your garden will increase will increase production of your product even when it is dry as the crops will not be deprived of moisture which is essential for growth and productivity. To make sure that you benefit from garden watering system in your garden, have it installed by the experts at Garden Irrigation System Guys in Kwethluk, AK.

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